Newmane 2x05: Sisterhooves Social

from by Randy Newmane (BronyMike)

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She’s stayin’ the week
And she’s makin’ you shriek
She shrunk your sweater, used your gems, and cleaned the boutique

Won’t let Sweetie play
So she’s running away
Now Applejack’s her sister, but for only one day

Dear Princess Celest’ya, when mud’s your disguise
It might just change your race and mane and coat and your eyes

Nopony believed that she could win

Go, Sweetie Belle, go!
You my friend…
Go, Sisterhooves Social, go!
You got a reason to live…

Apart, all we are is a pile of mush and a crumbly dry mess.


from Randy Newmane Presents: FIM Season 2, released August 19, 2014




BronyMike White Rock, British Columbia

Whoo! Got silly music and voices and junk in spades. Check it out 'n have a ball. But maybe not a literal ball. Though those can be fun too. I dunno, whatever. Bouncy.

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