Newmane 2x24: MMMystery on the Friendship Express

from by Randy Newmane (BronyMike)

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The Cakes’ cake
It takes the cake
To win the competition is a piece of cake

…Hang on, I-I’m stuck. Uh, let me restart this one.

In the caboose
With a moose made of mousse
A cake-eatin’ criminal is runnin’ loose

Twi’s on the case,
Ya gotta retrace
The ponies left clues all over the place

Dear Princess Celest’ya, these guys are insane
And I’ve had it with these motherbuckin’ cakes on this train

Nopony believed that it could win

Go, MMMM, go!
You my friend…
Go, MMMystery on the Friendship Express, go!
You got a reason to live…

Exactly! Who did-done-do’ed it?


from Randy Newmane Presents: FIM Season 2, released August 19, 2014




BronyMike White Rock, British Columbia

Whoo! Got silly music and voices and junk in spades. Check it out 'n have a ball. But maybe not a literal ball. Though those can be fun too. I dunno, whatever. Bouncy.

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