Newmane 3x11: Just for Sidekicks

from by Randy Newmane (BronyMike)

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Don't ya fret
Because I'd bet
That Spike'll do a great job watchin' your pets

The wascally wabbit
He just can't grab it
And gem-spendin' goes against the dragon-folk habit

Roped in the CMC and hopped on the train
Your goal to make a jewel cake was all in vain

Nopony believed that they could win

Go, pony pets, go!
You my friends…
Go, Just for Sidekicks, go!
You got a reason to live…

Crystal Empire? Equestria Games? Wish I could see THAT episode.


from Randy Newmane Presents: FIM Season 3, released August 3, 2015




BronyMike White Rock, British Columbia

Whoo! Got silly music and voices and junk in spades. Check it out 'n have a ball. But maybe not a literal ball. Though those can be fun too. I dunno, whatever. Bouncy.

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